About The Other Bob Ross

A little about my becoming an oil landscape artist

Always attracted to drawing sculpture and the arts I saw myself as an appreciator and booster of fine artists. In my academic life, I was able to support the arts and the art endeavors of our faculty and students.

After many years with watercolor and sketching I found myself attracted to the impressionists of the Cape Cod School of Art and studied informally with several of its current generation of artists.

I use oil paints on board or canvas and still occasionally watercolor on paper.

I love exploring the national seashore, byways and towns of Cape Cod as my subject.

Landscapes, pets and occasional figures are most often my subject matter.

How my professional life informs my life in ART

I am an executive coach, a psychologist, a lifelong learner and a teacher. I work with individuals and groups to enhance how awareness of self, others and the world we make together.

I am particularly interested in how perception shapes who we are and how we see each other, our environs, and how fixed gestalts (ideas that are virtually frozen in our psyches) can unfreeze, soften, melt, grow and become flexible.

I find that the time I spend in painting relaxes and opens my perception flexibility and allows me to explore my world anew.