About The Other Bob Ross

A little about my becoming an oil painter

In elementary school I drew a perfect tree in our once-a-week art class at our tiny country school. Note the problem in italics. The next week our traveling-art-teacher offered us water color paint sets and quickly instructed us in painting. The rest is history within a few moments my PERFECT tree was a perfect mess , a mass of spots of color running hither and yon and my perfect tree was no more.

It took 10 years before I ventured into drawing again but studiously avoided painting.

It took decades before I picked up a paintbrush and then struggled with my desire for illustration although my taste in enjoying art had moved to the realm of the abstract and the impressionist. I continued to try to control (again note the problem word) and produce a facsimile of the subject I was drawn to.

Another several decades and as a Sexagenarian I finally found comfort with oil paints applied with putty and palette knives.

I share a name with the famous TV artist , Bob Ross, who focused on making art available to the masses and apparently an easy and happy enterprise. Shouldn’t I be like him – at ease and content in this endeavor

At long last, today I too find the experience a happy one but it has never been easy. It is a focused meditation and process of continuing experimentation and discovery

My media and subject matter

I use oil paints on board or canvas and occasionally watercolor.

I love exploring the wilds, byways and towns of Cape Cod as my subject.

Landscapes, pets and occasional figures are most often my subject matter.

How my professional life informs my life in ART

I am an executive coach, a psychologist, a lifelong learner and a teacher. I am particularly interested in how perception shapes who we are and how we see each other, our environs, and how fixed gestalts (ideas that are virtually frozen in our psyches) can unfreeze and grow and become flexible.